Kalia Ward, MD

Dr. Ward earned both her undergraduate and medical degrees from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She then completed a general psychiatry residency at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. During her residency, Dr. Ward studied various modalities of psychotherapy, including supportive, interpersonal, psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and dialectical-behavioral approaches. Discouraged by the repeated failures of medication to provide any lasting relief from mental and emotional suffering, she realized that in order to facilitate true healing, she would need to do more than prescribe medications. She tailored her outpatient experience in training to focus more on psychotherapy than required, and was impressed by how much her patients seemed to benefit. In 2017, Dr. Ward made the decision to pursue additional training in psychoanalysis, beginning her candidacy in the Psychoanalytic Training Institute of the Contemporary Freudian Society in Washington, DC at the same time as she began her two year fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry. She is a member of the International Psychoanalytic Studies Organization and presented her work in the 2019 International Psychoanalytic Association Congress in London, on the topic of "The Feminine."

"Every man must find out for himself in what particular fashion he can be saved."

Sigmund Freud

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