"It is not attention that the child is seeking, but love."

Sigmund Freud



  • Adult Psychotherapy​​

    • Taking the time on a regular basis to ​explore your mind and process your emotions is an essential part of the process of awakening to the truth of who you are and what you want in life. Discover what may be holding you back from reaching your full potential.  

  • Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy

    • A child's ability to express feelings and needs in constructive ways doesn't come naturally. It is a skill that must be learned and developed over time. 

    • Therapy with children and adolescents provides a safe setting to develop a greater awareness of their emotions while discovering ways to effectively communicate them 

    • Because parents have the strongest influence on a child's emotional development, it is important for parents to be involved in the initial evaluation and throughout all phases of therapy with a child.

Psychiatric Evaluations

  • Comprehensive medication review and diagnostic evaluation (for all ages):

    • ​This is a one-time encounter via telepsychiatry, focused on diagnostic and medication concerns, including a comprehensive review of past treatments and any available records.
    • You will be provided with a summary of the overall assessment and recommendations to be shared with your primary physician (or other prescribing provider), outlining possible ways to simplify and maximize the benefit of your medications. This may involve gradually replacing one or more medications with something else more suitable to your needs.
    • An inaccurate or unclear diagnosis can prolong mental and emotional suffering when it leads to the use of inappropriate or less than ideal medications. For some diagnoses, entire classes of medication may be avoided for various reasons. These circumstances often lead to the disappointment of numerous failed medication trials and the eventual loss of hope for recovery. 
    • Medications are sometimes discontinued well before reaching the maximum recommended dose for reasons other than intolerable side effects. A careful review of past medication trials may reveal the possibility of more future treatment options as a result of this common occurrence. 
    • This evaluation will also be helpful for those interested in discontinuing medication(s) after a long period of time, when the medication may no longer be necessary.

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